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Sajad Sepehri

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Sajad Sepehri (Born in 1984) is an Iranian Musician, Singer, and Researcher. He is a Visiting Fellow at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Sociology in Vrije Universiteit (VU) in Amsterdam. 

He grew up in Fasa and Shiraz from Fars Province.

When Sepehri was 16, he was introduced to great Psychoanalysts and philosophers like Carl Jung and Friedrich Nietzsche. He was very interested in some contemporary Indian mysticism, as well as Iranian mystical literature.

Sepehri was encouraged by his father to study Quran since 5.

He studied the Qur’an for 11 years and gained extensive knowledge of Islam and the interpretation of Persian and Arabic texts.

He started music at 16 by playing ‘Setar’ and singing classical Iranian. 

Till 2016 he performed in more than 100 events and composed more than 250 songs.

In 2003, he left his country to join the opposition as an artist, to support and act against the Islamic totalitarian and fundamentalist regime in Iran.

In 2016, after 14 years full of crises, difficulties, tragedies, and complete disconnection from the outside world, He became able to start a new life in Albania.

Sajad married ‘Arlinda’ in 2016 and resumed his higher education. His biological son ‘Dana Del’ was born in January 2019. Arlinda (Nina), Mustafa, Ertan (Dana Del’s elder brothers) and other Albanian family members became the hopes and pillars of this new life for him.

After two and a half years of patient legal struggle, Sajad managed to travel to the Netherlands on 21 August 2020 from North Macedonia, with the support and help of talented, avantgarde lawyers and friends.

Sepehri studied Social studies in ISSH (Iran Academia) and works at the same higher education institution as a project manager, content administrator, and teaching assistant in methodology. He is also the host of Iran Academia Educational Audio-Visual Podcast.

His topic of research at VU is ‘Cultic Identity and Identity Transformation‘.

Sajad Sepehri had this honor to record his latest album with the collaboration and assistance of veteran Italian-Albanian musician and artist Gjergj Leka. He also contributed to a book project about Music and Human Rights planned to be published in 2021 by Routledge. This project allowed him to connect with Julian Fifer, the ‘Orpheus Chamber Orchestra‘s founder, and the executive director of Musicians For Human Rights

He and his beloved family are still struggling to stabilize a new life in The City of Justice

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