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Sajad Sepehri

Official Website

Sajad Sepehri (Born in 1984) is an Iranian Musician, Singer, and Researcher. He is a Junior Researcher at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Sociology in Vrije Universiteit (VU) in Amsterdam and Project Manager at Iran Academia Institute for Social Sciences and Humanities.


You can find my writings on my special space on https://publish.obsidian.md/sepehri.

I sometimes write on Instagram or Facebook, but lately, I have not been so active on Social Media.

If you really want to keep in touch, Visit my notes on my  Obsidian!

You can write an e-mail or connect on any of the Social Media platforms and text me. 

I do not promise to respond to your messages on Social Media. 

I will definitely respond to your e-mail. 

If you like to collaborate in research, please sign up here.

If you like to collaborate in research, please sign up here.

Please note that I am not spending much time on music in 2021. I would love to, but one can not do all one desires. 

In case your project is really worth it, I would love to create art. 

Never! I am not a professional singer. I am studying and will be researching for the next few years as my priority.

As a way of storytelling related to my field of study in Anthropology and Psychology maybe, but as a profession or as a career no. 

Disciplining myself and stabilizing life in The Netherlands,
Building a platform online,
Building a network of friends and companions around particular activities,
Publishing Academic works,
Finalizing a part of my study,
Becoming a Ph.D. candidate,
Writing a book,
Publishing songs (probably an album),
and more …

I only talk and converse about it in certain ways, mostly with an academic, scientific, and analytical approach. To know more, please send me an e-mail, identify yourself, and explain the reason you want to talk about it; I will reply!